Linda Stevenson

A Wedding Minister for your wedding ceremony


Maybe you are looking for a wedding ceremony that is simple,   but yet meaningful.    You might be looking for a non-religious ceremony, vow-renewal, or commitment ceremony.  

Maybe you are in need of a minister to come to your choice of location to perform the wedding. 

 Linda Stevenson is an Ohio licensed minister who can perform a ceremony in a park, a backyard, a hotel,  a restaurant,  a lake or where ever you choose. The only limitation is your imagination!
Linda has performed over 400 wedding ceremonies! Her expertise, professionalism, and wonderfully friendly personality ensures the seamless flow of your ceremony and promises to be a warm, personal, and memorable event. 

 Linda is also the wedding minister for The Urbana Swedenborgian Wedding Chapel in Urbana, OH.  It is a historic and beautiful chapel with seating for up to 130 guests and is open to everyone for wedding ceremonies. 

 Linda Stevenson, at Anywhere-Weddings, can create and perform a ceremony to reflect your personality and desire.  It is your day, your ceremony.  

Anywhere-Weddings help you create an event that you will cherish and remember for a lifetime!

 Here are some comments from happy couples who were married by Linda:

Glen & Nancy“It was so nice to meet you! I knew the minute we walked into the church – this was the one.  And then meeting you... it was a complete package!”

Brian & Kathy:  “Thank you so much for your kindness on Saturday.  You remained amazingly calm throughout the disorder of the morning.  You had a calming effect on me & Brian in the way you handled everything.  You were able to ad-lib and rise to the circumstances beautifully.  Thanks for being a part of our special day.”

Altin & Michelle:  Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony.  We loved the vows that you provided.  They were sweet and precise to the point that we felt that they had been written specifically for us.” 

"Linda Stevenson is a wonderful and kind woman who is open minded and very personable. She is professional and reliable and we were very glad to have her join us for our wedding day - she made the day truly special and memorable."

    "Our wedding ceremony was fabulous. We were so appreciative of your warm and welcoming personality, it made our preparation and wedding day very special. 
   We also enjoyed the many little gifts you added to the wedding, the sand ceremony and the piano playing at the end. You really have a way about you. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Cheers ! "
"I LOVE Linda! She was the greatest! I'm not a church goer and she was totally okay with that.

We didn't have to go to counseling, join a church, or anything crazy like that. She emailed me promptly every time I emailed her about a change in the wedding or anything.

Even when my father had his stroke and I had to cancel my rehearsal Linda was understanding and even didn't charge me for canceling.

I not only feel that she is a great wedding minister/officiant, but also I good friend of mine. I recommend Linda to EVERYONE who is getting married! "
"Linda Stevenson was a perfect match for the type of wedding we wanted. She adapted to our needs and style, so we felt totally at ease and happy with the ceremony.

She clearly enjoys what she does and does it with great delight and sweetness! We loved her! She also was great with everybody participating in the ceremony and the party.

We will always remember her as part of this happy day and will enthusiastically recommend her to any of our friends."

Anywhere-Weddings was excellent!!!!
Linda is such a wonderful person and just fit in perfectly .
Everyone in our families loved her and thought our wedding ceremony was one of the deepest and feeling enriched they had ever been to.
I would recommend Linda Stevenson to anyone anytime.
Dan and Mechelle Rafferty

My husband & I found Anywhere-Weddings on the internet fell in love with the church.  We were supposed to get married on Oct. 11, 2008 but had to postpone it. The minister  was so nice to keep a date for us open due to my brothers sudden death on Oct.4, 2008. 

Linda Stevenson did an awesome job.   She made my whole wedding party and family and friends feel welcome into her church....If you are looking for a place to get married,  The Swedenborgian Church might be for you !It was for me and my new hubby...connie

Client testimonial from Robert and Maryann


Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony, even though it rained all worked out so well, we even had the entire group slow dancing to Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis before it was all over with, it was so much fun.... I have attached some photos if you would like to use them, again thank you so much, we enjoyed your very romantic ceremony.... with love, Rob & Maryann


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a ceremony, please call 937-869-4745 or you can send an E-Mail for more information... 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

                                            Linda Stevenson