Linda Stevenson

A Wedding Minister for your wedding ceremony


Ceremony Fee                  $150.00
  • Unlimited consultation by phone, e-mail, or in person to create the perfect ceremony for your wedding.
  • Arrival at the ceremony 30-45 minutes before the ceremony begins to help organize, instruct, and complete final arrangements.
  • A keepsake copy of the wedding ceremony.
  • Completion and processing of wedding license paperwork. 

Rehearsal Fee                   $100.00
  • I strongly recommend a rehearsal if the wedding party is larger than 5 people.
  • I will meet/consult with the bride and groom prior to the rehearsal to finalize plans for the wedding ceremony.
  • At the rehearsal, I will lead, direct and instruct all wedding party members as to the "where, what, and how" questions of the wedding ceremony.  
  • I will conduct as many "run-throughs"  as necessary until everyone feels confident about their role in the ceremony.
  • I normally do not attend rehearsal dinners in order to get back home to make add any final adjustments to the ceremony that were made at the rehearsal.    

  • I will do a Mapquest search for the total mileage to and from the wedding location.  The first 30 miles are free and then there is a $1.00 per mile charge after that.


Holiday Ceremony               $200.00 + mileage if applicable

               HOLIDAYS are:
                             New Year's Eve
                             New Year's Day
                             Memorial Day
                             July 4th
                             Labor Day
                             Christmas Eve
                             Christmas Day

  • To reserve and hold your date and time, a non-refundable deposit is required.  
  • The required deposit is 1/2 of your total ceremony fee. 
  • Your date and time will not be added to the schedule until the deposit is received. 
  • Anywhere-Weddings only accepts money orders, cashier checks, and cash payments
  • Special payment arrangements can be made as long as the total fee is paid by the ceremony date.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a ceremony,

please call  937-869-4745

or send me an E-Mail at